Motocross Practice Manual


Learn the “55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross”.
Developed from over 30 years of Pro Racing and coaching Motocross, Gary Semics details his “55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross” in this handy, easy to understand and apply practice guide.  This 2nd Edition Manual updates the popular first Edition with 8 new techniques & a Motocross Glossary explaining all the moto slang words from “AMA” to “yard sale”.  62 pages locked and loaded with all the techniques every rider should be riding with!!!

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This new 2nd edition of the popular Motocross Practice Manual shows and explains the “55 Absolute Techniques” of Motocross.  This Manual is loaded with photos and text to explain all the motocross skills for cornering, jumping, whoops & starts.  It also explains the most common mistakes that riders often make which develop into bad habits.

All photos and sequence photos illustrate the correct techniques.  Whipping and scrubbing techniques are also included.  Easily find any of the 55 Absolute Techniques and make sure you’re practicing them correctly.  Many riders take it to the track for a quick, easy reference!  Don’t keep riding with the same bad habits over and over again, learn to reprogram the correct habits into your riding style!!!

Take learning how to ride a dirt bike to a whole new level!
Handy 9″ x 11″ size – 62 pages.  Take it with you anywhere – especially to the track!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 x 5 x .4 in

2008 – 2017


61 Pages


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