Motocross Sponsors

Motocross Sponsors

Sponsors who are doing the most for the grass roots of the sport!

I’ve known all the potential motocross sponsors in the Motocross Industry for many years and I’ve known the quality of their parts, accessories and/or service. I have been fortunate to be able to pick the motocross sponsors that I wanted to work with, the companies that I felt were the best. Here are some tips that you need to know so potential sponsors will choose you!

In order for a sponsor to support you, they need something in return. They will give you what you want if you can give them what they want. They want you to show everyone that they are your sponsor. The way they expect you to do this is by placing high in a lot of popular races and/or race series. List them on your social media. Represent them well, both on and off the track. Run their stickers on your bike, trailer, truck, est. These motocross sponsors will supply you with free stickers if they are sponsoring you. The more you can do these things and the more people you can reach, the more a sponsor will support you. Of course, I’m referring to amateur racing. Once in the pro ranks, it a whole other story.

When you are an amateur below the top B or A classes, you can expect discounts from potential sponsors that you may be able to land. Only if you are a top five B or A racers can you possibly get free bikes, parts and service. In all sports and businesses everyone has to start at the bottom and earn their way up, especially in motocross. But hey, we all have to start somewhere, right!

The only time to send Resumes is September and October, because that’s when potential sponsors are setting budgets for the following year.  In the meantime, order from these sponsors (below) and be confident you’re getting the best quality products and services!

If you’re seriously looking for sponsors, shoot me an email.   I’ll email you a Resume form and a sample resume that will organize your resume into what sponsors are looking for.

Fox Racewear
Dunlop Tires
Maxima Racing Lubricants
Factory Connection Suspension
Works Connection
Guts Racing MX Seats
Beaver Creek Cycles
Vertmx Graphics

How to attract potential sponsors

To help you get those top five racing results you need a good solid foundation of all the motocross techniques, the 55 absolute techniques of motocross. In order to point you in the right direction I have listed a lot of free motocross riding tips in my Free MX Riding Tips page on my main website. The very most important quality that sponsors are looking for are riders who place in the top five and especially who win races!!!

Mobile Streaming

The number one reason sponsors will support you, ARE YOUR RACE RESULTS!!! If you’re serious about attracting sponsors you may be interested in our Motocross Techniques and Training Videos subscription. Currently over 140 videos to help you improve your riding skills. 26 AMA Pro Championships don’t lie! Start your free trial today!

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