Why is Motocross Addicting, are you hooked on moto?

Why is motocross addicting, are you Hooked On Moto? The first sign is a fever. I’ve been spending most of my entire life, trying to figure out how to go faster on a dirt bike.  I realize that sounds pretty stupid to most people, but that’s because they don’t know about motocross.  So, I will shed some light on the subject.

Once upon a time, back in Ohio, when winter was turning into spring, I had a friend who would going around saying, I got the fever, I got the fever. This was his way of letting all his friends know that he couldn’t wait to start riding again. What is it about motocross that pulls so many, fun loving people into it’s web of addiction?  Well, it’s exciting, fun, competitive, challenging, and it satisfies, the need for speed.

Motocross Addiction occurs when The Rider and Motorcycle Become One!

Ask anyone who has ridden and raced long enough to reach a high skill level, and they will all tell you; nothing compares!  The higher the skill level, the more the rider and motorcycle have become one!  This means they are no longer limited to their own physical strength and endurance, but also the motorcycle’s.  Now, they can run over 70 mph, they can launch over 100 feet through the air, they can climb long, steep hills within seconds.  They now have, super human strength and endurance.

The engine and the front and rear tire contact to the soil, has become highly tuned into their sensory perception.  Since they’re always moving, their eye site has developed the skill to slowdown motion and acutely notice and remember every 10 yards of track in front of them, and nothing else.  This movement and horse power is controlled with their body movements and intricate, sensitive feelings through their right wrist, hands, fingers and feet. Their hands, fingers and feet have become hard wired into the clutch, throttle, front and rear brakes, and the shifter.  Pro racers make a rough motocross track, the bike and themselves look like poetry in motion!

Total Flow Concentration! 

Why is motocross addicting? Not only is the engine revving, their heart rate is also revving, engaged by physical exertion and the edge of danger. When practicing, and especially while racing, their mind and body has to be all in, 100% focused on the task at hand, and nothing else, not even for a millisecond. Welcome to the realm of total flow concentration.

Reward Yourself! 

Motocross addiction has it’s rewards! The rewards of staying in this flow, while just practicing is amazing. Flowing through an entire day of racing, and winning, is beyond words.  Once you taste it, you want more, and before you know it, you are addicted.  You’re living a, Life Behind Bars” (handlebars, that is) for the rest of your days on this planet. If not, actually on the bike, at least in the industry, around awesome, like minded, good people!  Just be sure to stay contagious, keep running a high temperature, and let everybody know, you got the fever.

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