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Dirt Bike Riding Techniques Made Simple from Basic To Expert, Taught By The Pros

If you want to quickly improve your dirt bike riding techniques you’ve come to the right place. The Gary Semics School of Motocross has helped thousands of dirt bike riders raise the bar with their riding skills. The same dirt bike riding skills used by today’s top pros. To help beginners get started or more experienced riders to hone their techniques, the school offers a variety of free motocross riding tips. These techniques, practices methods, and strategies are core skills that have been developed and proven over decades of teaching pro racers. These free motocross riding tips include:

  • Motocross practice drills – drills created with years of experience that are well organized, highly detailed and easy to understand and implement
  • 2 stroke versus 4 stroke riding tips to get the most power out of any engine
  • MX riding tips from the pros
  • Motocross ruts – the smooth and fast way to use traction rails to your advantage
  • Developing motocross control and speed
  • Motocross training methods to get your body in top condition for the demanding physical challenges of motocross racing
  • The bestmotocross workouts for improving riding skills
  • Making the body and the bike work together for optimum results
  • The two most common motocross cornering mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to regain riding confidence after an injury
  • Two-speed secrets for better rhythm jumps
  • How to jump a dirt bike

As an example, following is more information from the How to Jump a Dirt Bike free tip:

Learning how to jump a dirt bike is one of the most fun and exhilarating aspects of your dirt bike riding techniques. While jumping a dirt bike can be dangerous, when using the proper techniques, the danger of crashing is much smaller.

To execute the proper basic jumping technique, the rider should be standing in the central body position. It takes both body movement and throttle control to jump safely. As the rear wheel rebounds from the jump, the body position should be nudged back. The steeper the jump face is and the faster the bike is traveling, the harder the rider will need to nudge back. The more a rider stays on the throttle off a jump, the less he will have to use his body to nudge back. This is an absolute dirt bike riding skill as the throttle also keeps the front end from dropping off of a jump.

Here’s a quick example of a motocross practice drill

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