Private or Semi Private Motocross Lessons with Gary Semics

Personal, Private Motocross Lessons with Gary Semics or GSMXS Certified Instructor David Kilgore.


I personally (Gary Semics) am doing Private (1 on 1) and Semi-Private (small group) Motocross Lessons as well as  Group Classes in OH and NC.
Learn my special time tested and proven practice methods and strategies to improve your riding skills FOR REAL!!!  Woods riders, are also welcome!
My Certified Instructor David Kilgore (who is also my step-son) also does Private and Semi-Private Lessons in OH.
See our prices, contacts and more info below.

Gary’s private and semi-private MX lessons are by appointment only and require a $60.00 deposit in advance of the lesson.
During the spring, summer and fall, most of these lessons will be held at Gary’s private track in Lisbon, Ohio. During the winter months Gary also offer lessons & classes in North Carolina.

Gary’s – Private and Semi Private Motocross Lessons by The Hour. Most private lessons are 2 to 3 hours.

Currently the following dates are filled with Gary. May 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23.  June 7, 8.

So you can remember what you learned I will email you a list of the techniques we covered in your lesson. You can also subscribe to my Online Coaching VOD Streaming platform! 

1 Student Rider
$100.00 $80.00 USD per hour

2 Student Riders
$60.00 USD each per hour

3 Student Riders
$50.00 USD each per hour

4 Student Riders
$40.00 USD each per hour

5 Student Riders
$35.00 USD each per hour

6 Student Riders
$30.00 USD each per hour

More discounts are offered for riders who take multiple lessons.
For more details use the Info request form to the right or Email or call office; 330-831-8945 or text or call Gary’s mobile; 330-277-9588.
You will learn more in an hour than you would in a year of trial and error.

Private Motocross Lessons with GSMXS Instructor David Kilgore

David Kilgore, my step son, has been teaching motocross schools for over 16 years and has become an excellent instructor with a lot of happy return student riders.
His 1 on 1 prices are $60.00 per hour.
His semi-private lesson prices drop down per rider (up to 6 riders).
Call or text David’s cell for more info and to schedule: 330-277-1838. To leave a deposit for one of David’s schools please ask him for his Pay Pal account email address in order to send your deposit to his Pay Pal account.
David is a GSMXS Certified Instructor and has a special talent for teaching and communicating his point to riders so they can understand his instructions to perform their best.

Check with David to see what he has available by email, text or call him for his schedules and more info at 330-277-1838.

Can’t make it to our Motocross Schools in Ohio or North Carolina?
Try these other options:

MX Lesson Info Request

Chuck Carr
ECMX 1 Day Class

The weather was not cooperating, but we still maximized our track time. Gary is very good describing proper technique, and assisting you correcting your trouble areas. The class was easy going, and very helpful. Both myself and my son attended, and I feel I got my moneys worth. I would gladly take it again, as you can always improve. Thanks Gary for the great class.

Tyler Floyd
Private Lessons

Lessons with Gary are by far the best bang for your buck. He has the experience to quickly notice things you are doing wrong with the ability to easily explain them to you in layman’s terms. So if you are serious about improving you have two options. You can use the trial and error method which wastes fuel, wears out equipment, has a greater chance for injury and wastes time. Or you can invest some money in yourself with lessons which saves time, reduces the chance of injury and won’t cost you near as much in the long run.

Cory Crumley
Top of the line!

Gary has a wealth of knowledge in the sport and has “been there, done that” so you can rest assured he is giving beneficial critiques during his lessons. I give him the majority of the credit on my progress over the last couple of years. Started riding 4 years ago, made it Loretta Lynn’s National Championship last year and looking to do the same this year. There isn’t many opportunities to ride with a former SX champion but here it is! Thanks for everything, Gary!

Michael Hand
Private Lesson

It was my first time working with Gary and he found some things I was doing wrong right away. He made suggestions that I've been working on and have found improvement already!! I'll be back thanks for your time and advice.
Michael Hand #303


Gary is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. I went into my first private lesson all nervous, but Gary is very chill and layed back... Which is awesome. I improved a lot and learned a ton. The way that Gary Teaches makes everything understandable, the way the message is delivered about what you need to do is done perfectly. Huge thanks to Gary Semics for helping me out and being so cool.

Chris Brackbill
Private Lesson

There’s nothing like having Gary, a man that focuses on the techniques, give you a one on one lesson. Once he showed me what I was doing wrong, I could tell an immediate difference. He gave me a personalized list of techniques to practice, and I’m looking forward to going back to further the training.

Bill Barth
Private lessons

Gary’s initial evaluation and overall assessment of a riders strengths and weaknesses was impressive. He made the lesson both informarive and enjoyable by creating a sense of competition between my sons that brought out their very best. Looking forward to our next lesson!

Dan reiner
Best out there

This was my first time working with Gary and I was very impressed, he is a very nice guy and his knowledge is endless. During my lesson he was very instructional and is very good at showing and explaing what he means so that you understand. It was a pleasure and great a experience working with Gary.

Trevor Paine
Gary Rocks!

I’ve had two lessons with Gary so far and I’ve already noticed a difference in my riding. He picked out the little things that I was doing wrong, and corrected them on all different parts on the track. I love his classes so far and I will be going to many more in the near future.

Andrew Adkins
Invaluable Lessons

Want to take a moment and thank you for what you’ve done for me. From getting me lined out on techniques, mental and fitness advice, and everything else in between. You’ve helped me reach a place where I can go out and truly enjoy riding and embrace it even more so than when I quit back in the day! I don’t have a fear of not being able to ride decent or getting hurt. I can just go out, block out the world, and just have fun riding my dirt bike. Thank you Gary!

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