Stick Landings

MX Riding Tip, How To Stick Your Landings

Consistently hitting your landings when you jump a dirt bike just right takes a lot of practice. You have to learn what gear, revs, speed and how hard to hit a jump in order to stick your landing. Two important techniques to practice are launching a jump or absorbing a jump. When launching you help the compression and rebound by spiking your body weight into the footpegs upon compression and then lift your weight out of the footpegs upon rebound. This technique gives you more height and distance.

When absorbing a jump you stay tall upon compression and then flex in your knees and elbows upon rebound, letting the bike come up under you. This technique gives you less height and distance.

These techniques and many more are covered with great detail in my Motocross Techniques and Training Video Streaming Platform.

I hope this free tip makes sense and helps stay safe and have fun.

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