Motocross Whoops Techniques

There are three different motocross whoops techniques.

A.        Jumping through the troughs of the whoops.

B.         Front wheel placement.

C.        Skimming the tops of the whoops.

Some key points to practice are;

– When jumping and doing “Front Wheel Placement” keep your weight off of the handlebars. When “Skimming” there is some of your body weight going onto the handlebars when the front wheel makes contact just before the top of each whoop.

– Clutch and throttle control along with body movements are what gives you control.

– Keep the balls of your feet on the foot-pegs.

– Your handgrip should be in the accelerating position (high over grip). This is so your body movements can work through your whole range of motion over the bike.

– Hold onto the bike with your knees.

– Look far enough out in front of you to be ready for the four or fifth whoop, not just the next one or two.

When the whoops are uneven you most likely will have to use a combination of all three techniques.  Make sure you look far enough ahead so you are ready for what’s coming up.  BTW, that’s Ryan Villopoto on an 85 leading us through the whoops! 

For all the info about whoops, jumps, cornering and how to win starts, check out my Volume 2 Techniques Video Series.

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