Motocross Training Methods

It’s no mystery that you have to be in great shape in order to be competitive in motocross.  Let’s face it, motocross training  methods off the bike is the hardest thing to do because it’s just plain old hard work.  It takes a lot of discipline to keep doing the workouts week after week.  So it only makes sense that you would want to use the best motocross training methods and make all the hard work pay off.  In this case, make you a better rider, not just a little better but a lot better.  I’ve spent over 30 years with this goal in mind.  Not only on myself but for many other pro riders, such as: McGrath, Windham, Lusk, Dowd, Fonseca, Roncada, Jesseman and Villopoto.  All these riders combined have won 26 AMA Pro Championships.   I’m still doing that, for 5 months in 2013 I trained 28 riders at The Club MX Training Facility in SC, including Geico Honda rider Zach Osborn.  Now at 63 I’m still training like a mad man myself.  It’s my passion and I like sharing what I have discovered.

Motocross Training Methods

You have to know how to put the workouts together into circuits that use aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You have to know what’s enough without being too much, how to balance your hard and easy days, core workouts and so much more.

I’ve been addicted to this type of training since I was 18.  Ask anyone who knows me, I’m still training 6 days a week.  Why, because I just don’t feel right if I don’t.  That’s the only reason that makes any sense to me.  But I do know when I ride the mx bike I don’t get tired and can still go fast for my age.  I wanted to challenge myself in 2012 so I raced the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Finals and won all 3 motos of the 50 Masters Class while is was 58.

I’ve carefully put all this training for motocross info together in easy to follow videos that can be Streamed to any device and browser. It’s all in our Motocross Techniques and Training video Streaming website.  There are also a lot of PDF files with Illustrating photos and text.  Don’t waste your time and energy doing all that hard training that’s not going to be 100% efficient at making you a better rider.  Learn from my experience, experience that’s long (over 30 years) and is proven with National Championships.

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