Jorge Martin

Motocross Certified Instructors

We’re proud to add our two latest Motocross Certified Instructors to our team in 2022. The first is Pablo Reyes, located in Valparaíso, Chile. The second is Martin Buscaglia, located in Valencia Spain. Both of these motocross instructors studied and passed all the written and on the bike testing from The Gary Semics Motocross School.  At the time of testing both of these these new motocross instructors were living in South America. All the testing and final certifications took place in SA with our very first Motocross Certified Instructor, Jorge Martin.  Here’s a little background on Jorge. Jorge traveled to Ohio in 1998 in order to get tested and certified by me (Gary Semics). Since then I have travel to meet Jorge in South America two times. Jorge received further training as we taught Motocross Schools together. He was also involved while I was certifying two motocross instructors there in SA. Jorge also continued his training with me online. As well as using my Motocross Techniques and Training Video On Demand Streaming platform. This platform is available to everyone. Jorge Martin is located in Barouche Argentina.

Jorge Martin not only trained these two latest GSMXS Certified Instructors (Pablo Reyes and Martin Buscaglia). He has trained and certified some of my other certified instructors as well (Josias Santana Hernandez and Tomas Rutigliano). This has been mostly because of their locations and that they speak Spanish.

You can be sure to learn the same techniques and practice methods that The Gary Semics Motocross School and Streaming Videos teach from all of our Certified Motocross Instructors. Backed by 26 AMA Pro Championships!

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