How to regain confidence after injury

Whether you’re trying to regain confidence after injury or just wanting to gain more confidence period, I hope this info helps you accomplish it.  It’s always great to hear positive feedback from my Motocross Technique Videos costumers, and this is the latest one I received.  It’s directly about regaining confidence after an injury.  I hope it inspires you to keep improving your motocross riding skills.

I’m picking the thread up for you below from Thumper Talk, “user ktmjim. If you like you can read the entire thread here. 

Thread from ktmjim: “Well, I didn’t come back from injury this year, but I am running for points in my series, and we have a lot of touring cherry-pickers, LOL So, basically I started looking at the big picture and decided all I had to do was finish close to my nearest series-regular competitor… BAD IDEA!!!. My confidence went down hill fast this year, I got timid, scared of injury, and scared of losing points… mostly in the corners which are my weakest spots.  I didn’t even want to go ride, and I live 2 minutes from my local track and I’m the track prep guy. LOL”

“My answer was to watch Gary’s Vet vids and take points and pointers and just go out and pick a couple corners and start slow and work back up… I knew I could do it, but I was afraid to… so with nothing to lose on a off day, I prepped 2 corners and rode my ass off. Prolly 100 corners each way working on technique and confidence… I honestly wasn’t there for more than 2 hours and was railing these corners like I never have, LOL I had a perfect rut burned in that fresh corner in less than 20 minutes. AND IT FELT AMAZING.. follow Gary’s ideas and walk the bike through the obstacle totally thinking about technique and the right thing to do until you can work up the speed, you can do it in 1 day if you find the right place and the right riding partner to help you build your confidence back up.”

I responded to the thread with:
That’s great to hear…congrats! You get it! “Repetition is the mother of skill” quoted from Anthony Robins. Always make sure that repetition is the correct way.

My closing note to my site’s members and viewers:
This is another example that speaks volumes in the fact that with the right mindset, practice strategies and methods you can do it!  Never dough yourself, keep your eyes on your goals. Sure dough will come into your mind from time to time, that happens to all of us but don’t pay any attention to it. Don’t think about why you can’t do something, think about why you CAN DO IT!!! 

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