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Gary Semics Motocross DVD Rights for sale

What has lead to this Motocross DVD Rights sale? When I retired from pro racing in 1985, I didn’t just teach motocross schools. Instead, as I taught, I also logged everything I was teaching and learning. In 1991 I realized that I should be making videos. In 1992 my first VHS video was released. Since then, I have become very interested in Motocross Techniques, practice methods and strategies. Not just for techniques but the complete preparation process. This includes training off the MX bike, recovery, nutrition and the mental aspects of the entire process, especially while racing. I kept learning and adding it all into my DVDs.

My wife (Cindy) and I have retired. Cindy has worked with me since 96, especially on the books and the mail order end of the business. Now it’s time for us to sell our Motocross DVD Rights for all of our DVDs (29). The DVDs are only available in English. They are formatted to play in all regions. Included is the popular Motocross Practice Manual. Also, included are the two Training, Diet and Nutrition PDF Manuals that go with the two MX Conditioning DVDs. Motocross is a unique sport and takes special sports specify training methods. The PDF Manuals are 24 and 63 pages. These manuals are loaded with strength and cardio workouts, weekly routines to follow and tons of Diet, Meal Samples and Nutrition facts.  All laid out in an easy-to-follow format with illustrating photos. Also, included would be all the art work for the DVD case covers and website.  Last year, in 2021, we sold over S10,000. That’s only from our website.

Our Scribe Series MF Digital DVD duplicator, with PicoJet 6000 printer are also included.  This duplicator and printer are in perfect working condition. Today the same cost $7,500.  We would sell all mentioned above, in the US, for $8,500. This would include shipping in the US for the DVD duplicator. (Photos below). 

If you are seriously considering purchasing these Copyright Rights send an email. Please leave your company name and address.  I’ll reply with PDF files that have photos and description text, of all the single DVDs and DVD Value Packs. I will also send a tentative agreement with all the necessary details. We can also communicate through the Whatts app at 330-277-9588.

These Motocross/Training DVDs are like no other. Read some of the testimonials from our website.  My credentials have been a former top 5 worldwide pro racing career (13 years), an AMA Pro Supercross Championship, even a 2012 AMA Amateur National Title at Loretta Lynns in the 50 Masters class when I was 58. In addition add over 30 years of teaching motocross, from beginners to the world’s best. We think you can understand how I have found the most effective methods and strategies for quickly improving speed, control and race results.

Riders don’t have to learn the hard way, they can learn from my over 40 years of practicing, pro racing, coaching and studying what makes riders fast and consistent.  I have put all this experience into my Motocross Schools and DVDs.  The riders I have trained including: McGrath, Windham, Villopoto, Lusk, Dowd, Roncada, Fonseca, Jesseman and Lamson have won 26 AMA Pro National and Supercross Championships. Now riders can learn the same race proven techniques, practice methods and strategies here in my DVDs.

If you are seriously considering purchasing these Copyright Rights send an email. Please leave your company name and address. I will reply by answering any questions you may have.  Including the PDF files mentioned above (photos and descriptions of all DVDs and Value Packs).

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Gary Semics

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