Develop Motocross Control and Speed

The Motocross Control you have gained has to be practiced correctly often.

Here’s some footage of our Motocross School Track in Lisbon, OH.  As most of you know I’ve made a living training motocross riders how to go fast.  I just made another discovery (July 17, 2013) reconfirming what I have always taught.  In order to develop motocross control and speed, you first, have to master all the basic techniques (All the Techniques of Motocross).  How did I reconfirm this fact?  Well, after I won the 50 Masters class at Loretta’s last year I haven’t ridden much.  I’d say maybe about once a week on average.  But I did stay in shape doing cardio and lifting weights, especially last winter and spring as I produced my 2nd Motocross Conditioning video.   I’ve done this type of training for so long that’s it’s become a regular routine in my life.

Recently I’ve been helping 3 riders get ready for this year’s race at Loretta’s (Jacob Williamson, Mario Testa and Jordan Weber) all in B classes.  I was getting a little frustrated lately because I couldn’t hang with them on the track.  I was feeling off balance in many of the corners.  All of my once a week riding for the last several months has been doing motos with no technique practice.  I figured I should be good with all the techniques.  Well, long story short, I wasn’t.  After doing some technique practice I realized I was giving up the brakes too early entering the corners.  At first when I practiced braking deeper into the corners it wasn’t working very well because I would slow up too much at the critical transition part of the corners.  I had no problem braking hard when I first shut the throttle off but I was continuing to brake too hard as I got further into the corner.  So I would give up the brakes too early in order to compensate for not braking lighter – longer. After I realized this I was able to correct it and control the brakes perfectly all the way up to the transition where I would start using the clutch and throttle.  After practicing this in 5 corners for a total of 15 minutes my cornering problems were solved in my 2nd 25 minute moto.  Two days before this Jordan was pulling me by about 3 seconds a lap, now we were even.

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