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Plaques of 8 Certified GSMXS Instructors

Benefits of Becoming a GSMXS Certified Instructor:

– The credibility of being certified by the Recognized Leader in Motocross Training Worldwide.

– By studying and passing the tests you will know the teaching methods, strategies, all the 55 Absolute Techniques and you will know how to grow your business.  These are primary keys it took me over 10 years to develop.

– Being listed and linked on my website’s “Certified GSMXS Instructors” page.

– Introduction to all 10 of my sponsors. Then you can negotiate with them for possible sponsorship.

– When we have most of the US covered it will become possible to have a manufacture like (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Husqvarna or KTM offer customers a free school when they purchase their bike. Of course the school doing the lesson will be paid by the manufacture for each student.

– Purchase and sell any or all of my 28 Motocross Technique DVDs and the popular Motocross Practice Manual at distributor cost (60% below retail).

GSMXS Certification Process:

GSMXS Certified Instructor
GSMXS Certified Instructor, Jorge Martin and Gary Semics.

I (Gary Semics) am offering Gary Semics MX School (GSMXS) Certification to those who pass the tests. Participants will receive a study course (both reading and video). Once they feel they can pass the tests they will schedule days to be tested by me. These tests will be done on my track in Lisbon Ohio unless otherwise arranged.
Bike Test:
The first part of the testing will be on the track with your bike. If you have to fly in we can rent a bike to you for $100.00 per day. This hands-on bike test will consist of how you can ride and demonstrate the techniques and how you can communicate the techniques to me.
Written Test:
There is also a five part written test. These tests are: Teaching methods and strategies, Cornering, Jumping, Whoops and Starts. The shortest test is 5 questions. The longest test is 15 questions but some of the questions are 2 part questions. All these tests should take 2 to 4 days to complete…usually 2 days. Participants will have to pass all test to become certified.

Potential Instructors will need to have a lot of prior experience as a racer. Then from the reading and DVDs study course they should be able to pass the tests and become GSMXS Certified Instructors.

GSMXS Certification Pricing:

The following prices include all the pre-test study materials and DVDs in order to learn what you’ll need to know for the five written tests (Teaching Methods, Cornering, Jumping, Whoops and Starts), taking the hands on bike tests with me, and the GSMXS Certificate when you pass all the tests. If you don’t pass one or more of the 4 hands on bike tests you will need to take each test you didn’t pass again at a $80.00 per hour fee. Failing any of the written test will also have to be taken over at no cost.

Total price for everything to become Certified = $5,000.00 That’s it, become a GSMXS Certified Motocross Instructor for just $5,000.00.  That is way less than a new dirt bike costs. This new certification program was started in May of 2014.

The first 50% ($2,500.00) of the total payment ($5,000.00) has to be paid up front. Then all the study materials and DVDs will be sent to you. When the reservations are made and we meet to take the tests the remaining 50% will need to be paid.

Apply for GSMXS Certification:

If you possess the skill set, determination and desire to help others achieve their best – you may be a good GSMXS candidate.
Simply fill out the form below to begin:

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