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Become a GSMXS Certified Instructor if you speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Spanish; Certificamos instructores que hablan inglés, español y portugués.

Portuguese; Certificamos instrutores que falam inglês, espanhol e português.

Below you will find more info in 3 videos, in 3 languages. One video is in English, one in Spanish and one in Portuguese.

Spanish; A continuación encontrará más información en 3 videos, en 3 idiomas.

Portuguese; Abaixo você encontrará mais informações em 3 vídeos, em 3 idiomas. Um vídeo está em inglês, um em espanhol e um em português.

We are offering Online Training and MX Instructor Certifications

Spanish; Con respecto a la pandemia del virus Corona, estamos ofreciendo Capacitación en línea y certificaciones de instructor de MX.

Portuguese; Em relação à pandemia do vírus Corona, estamos oferecendo Treinamento Online e Certificações de Instrutor MX.

 For online testing and certification, we will not have to meet in person for your, on the bike testing. Instead, you will email short videos of yourself doing all the techniques that will be listed for you. This will be both in the stationary position (bike on work stand) and in action practice drills. Then we will edit the video, pointing out your mistakes and explaining how to fix them. Then you may need to send more short videos until they are corrected.

Spanish; Para las pruebas y la certificación en línea, no tendremos que reunirnos en persona para su prueba en la motorcycle. En su lugar, enviará por correo electrónico videos cortos de usted mismo haciendo todas las técnicas que se enumerarán para usted. Esto será tanto en la posición estacionaria (bicicleta en el soporte de trabajo) como en los ejercicios de práctica de acción. Luego editaremos el video, señalando tus errores y explicando cómo solucionarlos. Luego, es posible que deba enviar más videos cortos hasta que se corrijan.

Portuguese; Para teste e certificação online, não teremos que nos encontrar pessoalmente para você no teste de motorcycle. Em vez disso, você enviará por e-mail vídeos curtos de você mesmo fazendo todas as técnicas que serão listadas para você. Isso será tanto na posição estacionária (bicicleta no suporte de trabalho) quanto nos exercícios de prática de ação. Em seguida, editaremos o vídeo, apontando seus erros e explicando como corrigi-los. Então você pode precisar enviar mais vídeos curtos até que sejam corrigidos.

Spanish; Ahora ofrecemos un plan de pago de hasta 6 meses!

Portuguese; Agora oferecendo um plano de pagamento de até 6 meses!

For more info in English, email me, Gary Semics

For more info in Spanish or Portuguese contact Jorge Martin:

Spanish; Para más información en español o portugués contacte a Jorge Martín:

Portuguese; Para mais informações em espanhol ou português contacte Jorge Martin:




For more info in English contact Gary Semics:
Instagram  @garysemics
or fill out and send the form below.

For more info in Spanish or Portuguese
contact Jorge Martin:
Instragram:  @jorgemartin2026

Benefits of Becoming a GSMXS Certified Instructor:

- You will receive emails full of study material and a free 2 month subscription to my MX Techniques and Training video subscription streaming platform. Learn the techniques, practice drills, methods and strategies that took me over 30 years to develop. Once you are ready the testing will begin. More info below.

– By becoming a Gary Semics Motocross Instructor, you will instantly have the credibility of being certified by the most popular Motocross School, Worldwide.

– By studying and passing the tests you will know the teaching methods, strategies, all the 55 Absolute Techniques of motocross, and much more. These are the same methods that helped my racers win 26 AMA Pro Championships, from McGrath to Villopoto, and other top pros!  You will also, know the best strategies to operate and grow your business.  These are primary keys it took me over 30 years to develop.

– Being listed and linked on my website’s "Certified GSMXS Instructors" page.

– Introduction to all 10 of my sponsors. Then you can negotiate with them for possible sponsorship.

GSMXS Certified Instructor, Jorge Martin and Gary Semics

Become a GSMXS Certified Instructor – Certification Process:

I (Gary Semics) am offering, Gary Semics MX School (GSMXS) Certification to those who pass our tests. Participants will first, receive a study course (both reading and video). In order to have access to the videos, they will receive a Free, two month, subscription to all my video content. (Click here to see this awesome streaming site. If you don’t speak English, other arrangements can be made, with my, 1st and best certified Instructor, Jorge Martin. Jorge speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ready for testing

As explained above we are doing Online testing and in person testing for certifications.

In person testing:
If you are doing testing in person. The first part of the testing will be on the track with your bike. You will need to come to my local track in Lisbon, Ohio. We can also arrange for you to be tested by Jorge Martin, at his track or at your local track. This hands-on bike testing, will consist of how you can ride and demonstrate the techniques and how you can communicate the techniques to me or Jorge. In any areas that you are having trouble, Jorge or I will teach you as we go along. This has been the case with each of my current Certified Instructors, and all have improved and passed the tests. This of course, as been with in person testing. Many of my other certified instructors have done so with the Online testing, explained below.

Online testing: 
For online testing you will receive a list of motocross techniques for you to show on video for stationary drills (on the bike stand) and action drills. You will send all these videos to Gary (English) or Jorge Martin (Spanish or Portuguese). These video clips will be graded and reported back to you. Your mistakes will be explained and done over until you pass. Then the written test will be sent. Once all tests are passed you will become certified. We have an easy way to send your video clips, just ask.

Rob Houle

As with the in person certificate, you will be included on our website, and social media. You will also, receive a number plate Certification plaque.

Written Test:
These written tests are for both Online and in person tests.

There is also a five-part written test. These tests are: Teaching methods and strategies, techniques for – Cornering (both flat and rutted), Jumping, Whoops (and/or rollers) and Starts. The shortest test is 5 questions. The longest test is 15 questions but some of the questions are 2-part questions. All these tests (riding and written) should take 2 to 4 days to complete…usually 2 days. Participants will have to pass all tests to become certified.

Potential Instructors will need to have some prior experience as a racer. Then from the reading and videos study course, they should be able to pass the tests and become GSMXS Certified Instructors.

GSMXS Certification Pricing: Special price for 2023 and 2024!

The following prices include all the pre-test study materials and free 2 month subscription to my MX Techniques and Training Videos streaming platform. This will enable you to learn what you’ll need to know for the five written tests (Teaching Methods, Cornering (both flat and rutted), Jumping, Whoops (and/or rollers) and Starts. Also, taking the hands on bike tests with me or Jorge, and the GSMXS Certificate when you pass all the tests. If you don’t pass one or more of the, four hands on bike tests, you will need to take each test, you didn’t pass, again at a $60.00 per hour fee. Failing any of the written test will also have to be taken over at no cost. With the study material and Jorge or I helping you through the, on the bike testing, no one has failed and had to pay more to pass. So, let’s keep this perfect record going! Make sure you have studied enough and are ready to be tested!

Total price for everything to become Certified

The in-person pricing has been lowered to $3,000.00!  The price for Online testing and Certification is $2,500.00. This new certification program was started in May of 2014. Four of our Certified Instructors have proved that it’s possible to live the dream of teaching motocross under our certification program. Jorge Martin, Daniel Schiro, Josias Santana Hernandez and Bob Pudor have been doing so for years. This has been their full time job, and they are living well! My other instructors teach part time, on the side of their main job. Current Certified Instructors. 

For in person, you need to make 2 payments the first 50% ($1,500.00) of the total payment ($3,000.00) is paid up front. Then all the study materials and Free (2 month) video subscription will be sent to you. When the reservations are made and we meet to take the on the bike tests, the remaining 50% will need to be paid in cash.

If you are doing the Online Testing to become Certified the down payment is $1,250. When you are ready to begin the online testing the remaining $1,250.00 has to be paid.

We are looking forward to making your dream become a reality!

Apply for GSMXS Certification

If you possess the skill set, determination and desire to help others achieve their best – you may be a good GSMXS candidate. Simply fill out the form below to begin, or email me (Gary) or Jorge Martin (if you speak Spanish or Portuguese).

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