Speed Secrets

2 Speed Secrets on Rhythm Jumps (video)

Motocross Speed Secrets on Rhythm Jumps

These 2 Motocross Speed Secrets on Rhythm Jumps are all about carrying speed and hitting your landings just right. Don’t be caught slowing down between the rhythm jumps and wasting time in the air. This Motocross jumping video tip will help you understand how to develop the skills to get the maximum smoothness and speed, be able to do it correctly and then do it correctly through repetition! Those are the 3 keys to making any new skill run on autopilot, run on your default program. Body positions and movements, along with throttle control are critical when it comes to being graceful through rhythm jumps.  You need to feel and time the compression and rebound between each jump and use body movements and throttle control to hit your landing targets.  Another big help is to look ahead early.  When possible spot your landing target just before you take-off the previous jump. This may sound difficult and it may be at first. Work on a rhythm section that allows you to see your landings before your take-offs.  As you keep trying this you have to take a mental note of what you failed to do each time. Especially if you didn’t see your landings just before your took offs.  Understanding this will soon enable you to fix it. Once you do these motocross rhythm jumps correctly they will become easier and easier. Here’s another free motocross jumping tip. 

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