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Basic Dirt Bike Techniques – Learning proper techniques is Critical.

basic dirt bike techniquesBasic dirt bike techniques The first step in becoming a good dirt bike rider is learning all the basic dirt bike techniques. This is true with any sport; even the top pros still practice the basics. Sure they already know how to do the basics but they still practice them. Why, because they need[...]
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Faster Motocross Lap Times using the Wheelie! (video)

faster motocross lap timesHave you seen the pros wheelieing over a small jump? It’s a big time saver. This short mx how to video will show you with slow motion and freeze frames just how it’s done. For all the motocross jumping techniques click the links below for these DVDs or Streams. Don’t go through the “School of Hard Knocks” learn the right ways from the get go!
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MX Riding Tip, How To Stick Your Landings

jump dirt bikeConsistently hitting your landings just right takes a lot of practice. You have to learn what gear, revs, speed and how hard to hit a jump in order to stick your landing. Two important techniques to practice are launching a jump or absorbing a jump. When launching you help the compression and rebound by spiking your body weight into the footpegs upon compression and then lift your weight out of the footpegs upon rebound. This technique gives you more height and distance.
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Getting sideways by accident on motocross jumps

sideways motocross jumpsGetting sideways off mx jumps when you don’t intend to is 9 times out of 10 because you’re hitting an uneven face upon take off. Think of a quad when it jumps off an uneven face; like where the two left wheels are higher than the two right wheels, your going to get sideways big time. It’s the same kind of an affect with a M/C. If there is a rut, a dished out area, a little rock or anything uneven about the place where the tires actually leave the ground it’s going to make you go sideways.
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Motocross Whoops Techniques

Motocross Whoops TechniquesThere are three different techniques for whoops A. Jumping through the troughs of the whoops. B. Front wheel placement. C. Skimming the tops of the whoops. Some key points to practice are; – When jumping and doing “Front Wheel Placement” keep your weight off of the handlebars. When “Skimming” there is some of your body weight going onto the handlebars when the front wheel makes contact just before the top of each whoop…
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Motocross Inspiration!!!

Motocross InspirationMotocross Inspiration, from an article in “Inside Motocross Magazine” with some of my additions; Motocross riders are like one big family who share a unique fun loving life style. A life style consisting of all life’s up, downs, risks, challenges, defeats and victories. In motocross money talks and BS walks. There is no truer[…]