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Motocross School DVD with Gary Semics

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New DVD Release (May 2019)! This Motocross School DVD with Gary Semics is the next best thing to attending one of Gary’s schools. Learn the common mistakes, correct techniques and how to practice hard packed and rutted corners.


Motocross School DVD with Gary Semics

Motocross school dvdThis Motocross School DVD was filmed at Gary’s home track in Lisbon OH while Gary was teaching an eight-rider class. It also has a lot of footage from the awesome Club MX training facility in SC, and The Devils Ridge MX State Championship race in NC.

These highly skilled riders show the correct techniques that are being taught at the school. The eight riders in the school had all the common technique flaws for, body positions and movements, braking, they’re transitions (where they go from braking to the clutch and throttle) in the corners and a host of other common mistakes for motocross hard packed and motocross rutted corners. You may have many of the same technical riding errors that are holding you back.  By learning what they are and what these riders had to do in order to correct them, you can do the same!

Motocross School DVDThis DVD will enable you to take the school as many times as you want, just pop in the DVD!


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2 day schoolAnother DVD that relates to this DVD is Gary’s 2 Day MX School DVD. This older DVD was produced in 2005 and is over 3 hours. It’s from when 2 Strokes still ruled the MX world!  On sale for just 16.95! See how they compare!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .4 in

65 Minutes

Music by: and Youtube, non-copyright music.


Gary Semics Motocross Schools, Inc.


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