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Online Motocross – Off-Road Coaching with Gary Semics

Remote Motocross Traing with Gary Semics

Online Motocross Coaching

Me and Jeremy McGrath.
Jeremy McGrath and I.

With today’s technologies, online motocross coaching makes a lot of sense. Wouldn’t it be great to have a top motocross trainer/coach just like the factory riders have?  For most riders this is not an option because of cost, location and other factors.  My online motocross training programs are the next best thing to having that personal trainer and it’s very practical, convenient and economical.  Some of the top riders I’ve trained in the past were coached over the phone and through emails.  Riders like John Dowd, Stephane Roncada, Steve Lampson and Mike Brown, to name a few.  You don’t need a trainer with you to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, you just need to know what, when and how, then you can follow through and get it done.  It’s easy with today’s technologies: email attachments, You Tube videos, texting and cell phone calls from anywhere.  Most of today’s mobile phones can send voice recordings, so you don’t even have to type or voice record your text.  The free “Whatsapp” app does all this from your smart phone worldwide and it’s all free.


Motocross Training Methods

I’ve made a life study out of weekly preparation programs and how they best apply to motocross/off-road racing.  I have the time tested and proven results to back it up.  The riders I’ve trained have won 26 AMA Pro Motocross/Supercross Titles.  Riders from Jeremy McGrath to Ryan Villopoto.  Fixing all of Jeremy’s riding techniques was the quick and easy part, after that it was all about his weekly training routines.  It was much of the same with the other top riders I’ve trained, like Ezra Lusk, Kevin Windham, Branden Jesseman and others. Not only motocross but I’ve also trained successful Off-Road racers like Chuck Woodford and Fred Andrews.



Villopoto and I at my track in Ohio.
Ryan Villopoto and I at my Motocross School Track in Lisbon, Ohio.

Training for this type of racing is unique and requires different preparation methods then other sports.  You’re training on the bike is the most important piece of the puzzle.  All the other training that needs to be done off the bike are also key in completing the puzzle.  Do you want to be lean and mean or fat and sassy…lol.    Why learn the hard way by trial and error or taking advice from anyone who has not been there and done that.  Sure they mean well but can’t possibly understand what it really takes unless they have had a successful motocross racing and coaching career.   You would be ready to retire by the time you have it figured out.  Worst yet, you may give up and never understand what you should of, could of, would have done to reach your full potential.   
Learn the right way from my long racing history and coaching successes!


Online Motocross Training Yamaha Amateur Team Rider Brock Papi is the latest rider I'm coaching.
Yamaha Amateur Team Rider Brock Papi is the latest rider I’m coaching.

The hardest part of the preparation for racing is the physical training.  “There Is No Easy Way”. But there are methods and strategies for getting the best results!  One unique thing about motocross is that it takes a great deal of cardiovascular conditioning but unlike cycling or running it also takes a lot of strength, making it both an aerobic and anaerobic sport.  Also in our sport things happen very quickly, so the eye to brain perception, along with feeling what is happening, to body reaction and movement are primary keys and this all has to happen automatically.  This eye and feeling perception to body reaction and movement needs to be programed with the 55 Absolute Techniques of motocross, making the rider and M/C become one.  Once this foundation is reached and you can ride smooth and fast, your physical fitness plays a major roll.   Your average heart rate during a race will be just below your lactic threshold and will max out at times.  You only have so much time and energy to spend each day.  You need to be efficient with all your weekly routines in order to race at your highest potential.

Signup with me to be your personal coach and you will receive;

– You will send the first question form (below) when you signup.  Then you will be emailed a second form that is more in depth.  After that we will have a discussion over the phone for me to get to know you better and be able to set up the best starter programs for you. We will stay in contact as your levels of fitness keep improving so I can keep adjusting your weekly routines.

– I will critique your Motocross and/or off-road riding techniques and explain what and how you need to correct.  Just send me a link to a 5 to 20 minute Youtube video.  If you can’t supply a streaming video you can explain to me over the phone where you need to improve your riding skills.  I’ve always said the foundation of riding/racing is the “55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross”.  This way you’ll be practicing correctly.

Online Motocross Training like Ezra Lusk.
Ezra Lusk and I.

– Tailored weekly training routines (sent by email), along with private how to You Tube videos.  These will consist of practice on the bike, strength, cardio, core and flexibility programs, all organized through the perfect frequencies, durations and intensities.  I’ll design these combinations to fit into your personal schedule and grow your level of fitness higher and higher.  These weekly routines will not only improve your general fitness but most importantly your fitness on the bike.  The You Tube private videos will explain and show you how to do certain cardio and weight workouts, flexibility and deep tissue self-massage.

– Tailored monthly diet, nutrition and meal samples according to your needs as you progress. This will include an overview of what types of foods to eat and avoid, along with over 30 meal samples with illustrating pictures delivered by email in PDF files.  All that hard work requires race fuel for your body.  When you have the knowledge of what and when to eat you’ll understand how simple and inexpensive it really is to eat right.


Steve Lamson likes Online Motocross Training
Steve Lamson.

– How to develop mental strength and self-confidence tailored to your particular needs (discussed over the phone and emailed). 
Now you can learn how to be in your “ideal performance state” every time you practice or race.

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