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Online Monthly Motocross/Off-Road Training with Gary Semics

Ezra Lusk and I.
Ezra Lusk and I.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a top motocross trainer/coach just like the factory riders have?  A trainer who is able to guide you through a motocross specific workout with the frequencies, durations and intensities of each workout session and meals already planned out so your body  is getting the maximum benefits from the fuel you are putting into it.  No more getting overly tired in your workouts, practices and races…but it would cost a fortune to hire a top trainer/coach from the mx industry. WELL THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE IT ALL!!!!


Me and Jeremy McGrath.
Me and Jeremy McGrath.

I am taking 5 riders at a time to be that personalized mx trainer/coach just like the factory riders hire at a huge price.  Yes, it would cost a fortune to hire a personal trainer, not just any personal trainer but a top coach in the motocross industry.
Now you can hire me (Gary Semics) to be your personal coach at an affordable price.  If you’re tired of getting tired in your workouts, practices and races and you’re serious about changing, this is your chance to do it right once and for all!  But don’t wait too long as I will only coach 5 riders at a time.  I’m still in the process of posting this new online training program onto my website and then will be advertising it over the internet.  Just from word of mouth there are already 2 riders signed up.  I expect the other 3 spots will fill quickly.  In the mean time I’m just posting this news in the news page of my site.  If you want to be sure you’ll get one of the 5 spots contact me through email and  pay your first month so I can save your spot.  Once the 5 spots are full I will begin putting riders on a waiting list.

I trained Branden Jesseman from 10 years old to a 125 East Coast Title.
I trained Branden Jesseman from 10 years old to a 125 East Coast Title.

I’ve made a life study out of weekly preparation programs and how they best apply to motocross/off-road racing and I have the time tested and proven results to back it up.  The riders I’ve trained have won 26 AMA Pro Motocross/Supercross Titles, riders from McGrath to Villopoto.  Not only motocross but I’ve also trained successful Off-Road racers like Chuck Woodford and Fred Andrews.  Why learn the hard way by trial and error or taking advice from anyone who has not been there and done that.  Sure they mean well but can’t possibly understand what it really takes unless they have had a successful racing and training career.   You will be ready to retire by the time you have it figured out.  Learn the right way from my long racing history and coaching successes.


runningThe hardest part of the preparation for racing is the physical training.  “There Is No Easy Way”. But there are methods and strategies for getting the best results!  It’s a combination of tear down, recovery, sleep and nutrition.  The frequencies, durations and intensities have to be timed and coordinated in relation to your current level of fitness as you progress.  Consistency is the key so you can gradually become stronger and stronger. Proper diet and nutrition are also big factors that are often overlooked.

Signup with me to be your personal coach and you will receive;

– I will critique your mx and/or off-road riding techniques and explain what and how you need to correct.  Just send me a link to a 5 to 15 minute Youtube video.  I’ve always said the foundation of riding/racing is the “55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross”.  This way you’ll be practicing correctly.

– Tailored weekly training routines.  These will consist of practice on the bike, strength, cardio, core and flexibility programs, all organized through the perfect frequencies, durations and intensities.  I’ll design these combinations to fit into your personal schedule and grow your level of fitness higher and higher.  These weekly routines will not only improve your general fitness but most importantly your fitness on the bike.

– Tailored monthly diet, nutrition and meal samples according to your needs as you progress. All that hard work requires race fuel for your body.  When you have the knowledge of what and when to eat you’ll understand how simple and inexpensive it really is to eat right.

– How to develop mental strength and self-confidence tailored to your particular needs.  Now you can learn how to be in your “ideal performance state” every time you practice or race.


– Unlimited emails and texts.

– Phone calls per month; 1st month 4, every month after 2.

– After you signup you will receive an easy form to fill out which is made up of 1 to 10 scale answers and other simple answers.  This form along with phone calls, emails and text will enable me to get to know you and tailor your programs for best results.

– Price; 1st month = $380.00.  Every month after is $300.00.  After the 1st month if you decide to cancel, no problem, it’s easy to do.

Of course if you have any questions before signing up please shoot me an email.

I’m looking forward to helping you reach your goals!

Gary Semics