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Motocross Conditioning 2 DVD is here!

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This new Training DVD comes with a PDF Training and Nutrition Manual. Here’s how it starts out:

The Motocross Training Manual

This Manual is designed to compliment The MX Conditioning DVD #2. Here you can quickly see the sample Weekly Training Programs, Weight Exercise Programs, Cardio Programs, Stretching Program, Nutrition guide lines and a lot of facts you’ll want to remember.

The amazing human body.

The human body is truly amazing.  When you put the right amounts of stress (exercise) on it at the right times and give it what it needs in order to recover, it will adapt to that type of stress (work) big time.

Training is a form of stress that you’re putting on yourself. According to how you’re being stressed, your body will adapt to the stress and become stronger. The adaptation phase is where the real progress takes place. You have to train consistently and adapt gradually. Too little training stress and it does not trigger an adaptation response. Too much training stress and your body can not adapt that fast, therefore it may stay the same or actually become weaker instead of stronger. In other words if you’re training hard too often the adaptation phase is not complete and there you are tearing down again before you have reaped all the rewards from your last hard workout. For best results you have to be consistent and stay balanced in your training.  There’s a fine line in order to get it just right.

There’s so much more you should know. Have a look: Motocross Conditioning 2 DVD

Here’s before and after photos of a rider who followed my training and diet methods for 5 months (Austin Harvey).


Austin before and after copy