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How to ride motocross ruts (Berms)?

MX Ruts

Riding motocross ruts (berms) well is an advanced technique. When dealing with these deep rutted lines in the track there is little to no room for error. To do it correctly you have to have all the basics down and have a lot of seat time under your helmet. Some of the keys to pay attention to are; getting lined up ahead of time for the entrance of the rut, controlling the front and/or rear brakes until the transition (where you go from braking to accelerating) then controlling the clutch and throttle and controlling the lean of the bike. Also try to look ahead up around the berm a little ways not just in front of the fender. Stay loose with your upper body so you can quickly and easily move from side to side in order to keep your balance. These key points should help but remember it does take a lot of practice to get good in berms. Learn all about Motocross Berm Techniques in my Motocross Bermed Corners from my Volume 3 Series.