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Motocross Schools North Carolina and Ohio by Gary Semics

motocross schools for vets

Motocross Schools North Carolina & Ohio. 

I’ll be doing Group, Private and Semi-Private (small groups) Motocross Schools in North Carolina during the winter months (January through mid April, 2020). Then it’s back to Ohio doing the same.

In the group classes I’ll cover all the techniques for flat and rutted corners, all the basic jumping techniques along with the absorbing and launching jumping techniques, starts and depending on the track, whoops! Each rider will get personal critiquing.  Not only will these absolute techniques of motocross be taught but you will also learn my time tested and proven practice drills, methods and strategies in order to keep practicing correctly.

My private lessons are tailored to your needs.  If you’re not sure what you need I will see it in your warm up ride.  This is why, if you are doing a semi-private lesson it’s important for the riders to be at the same skill level, or at least close.

My record of happy riders has been excellent!  That’s why I can guarantee you will be satisfied or your money back!

Follow a link for more info and to signup! Group Classes. 
Private Classes. 

GS Schools in South and North East.