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Gary Semics MX School Track April 15, 2013

GSMXS Motocross School Track

The first lap is Mario Testa on the 250F Kaw shot with a camcorder. Hunter Minns was behind him on the Suzuki 450 until he got hit in the face with a rock. The 2nd lap is me (Gary Semics) shot with a ISaw Helmet Cam. We keep adding wood chip and top soil to the track in order to maintain great soil conditions for motos. The jumps are mostly clay.

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Latest Techniques for Motocross

GSMXS MX Seat Bouncing Launching Jumping techniges front coveHere's my latest Techniques DVD. This video was released on September 12, 2012. Volume 3 Gary Semics Motocross Technique Series DVD # 7 (Motocross Seat Bouncing and Launching Jumping Techniques) This is the 7th DVD in the Volume 3 Motocross Technique DVD Series. In this 37 minute video you'll understand what's involved with Seat[...]
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Motocross Basic Jumping Techniques

GSMXS MX Basic Jumping Techniques front cover

With over 26 years of teaching motocross I have found the most effective methods and strategies for how to become a better rider.

This Video delivers that information for mastering the Basic Jumping Techniques. You’ll learn through slow motion and stop action while I explain the right techniques and the most common mistakes.

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Motocross Jumping Absorbing, Scrubbing & Whipping Techniques

Motocross Jumping Absorbing, Scrubbing, Whipping Techniques front cover

Instructional DVD #8 delivers the information for mastering the Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques. You’ll learn through slow motion and stop action while I explain the correct techniques. Now it’s your turn to start doing some awesome jumps without taking unnecessary chances. Learn how in this Absorbing, Scrubbing, Whipping DVD and look Awesome!!

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Gary Semics wins Loretta’s 2012

Gary Semics Wins Loretta Lynn's

I wanted to make sure my training and coaching methods are working so I put myself in training with them for 3 months in preparation for LLs. I’m happy, they work even on an old guy like me. You can’t argue with winning all 3 motos in the 50 Masters class. I’m 58 now and that was the first time I raced at The Ranch. A sincere thanks to all my sponsors and family for helping me.