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You should like rutted corners, do you?

rutted corners

Watch this motocross how to video and you will. There’s a lot more then just slowing down for the beginning of a berm (rutted) corner. You have to continue to control your speed all the way through the berm. Once your front wheel checks into the berm it’s mostly done with the front brake and throttle. This motocross skills video will give you a better understanding of how to ride a dirt bike through a rut.

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Are your Clutch & Shifting Skills costing you lap times? (Video)

MX Clutch Shifting Control

Free motocross riding tip- MX Clutch Shifting Control:
Do you need to use the clutch when up shifting? How do you up shift when you’re in the forward body position?
Checkout this video tip on proper shifting in Motocross and more facts about Clutch, Throttle and Shifting Techniques.
These 3 things of Clutch, Throttle and Shifting have to work together in order to keep the engine happy and of course improve your lap times.

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3 Step Braking Techniques

3 step braking techniques

In motocross your ability to stop or slow down is your right away to speed. Good braking techniques are overlooked by all C riders and many B riders. But braking control is just as important as clutch and throttle control. Both front and rear brakes are equally important but this riding tip is just going to cover the rear brake.

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Secrets to Motocross Corner Speed

Motocross Corner Speed

Free motocross riding tips. Understanding the secrets below will enable you to have a lot more speed and control into and through the corners. Most times what you think you know isn’t enough. Many times the rest of what you need to know has been right there the entire time…you just didn’t recognize it.

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Facts about Motocross Riding Skills

Motocross Riding Skills

Free motocross riding tips: Being a descent motocross rider and having fun with it maybe a lot easier and fun than you think. Becoming a successful pro is a lot harder than you think. But let’s face it, most riders want to do well and have fun at an amateur level. The 1% that end up making a living at it, well that’s a whole nother story. What level you end up at, only time will tell. In the mean time everyone has to start somewhere and make improvements one week at a time. And those improvements will come way faster when you know the facts about how to practice.

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How to Train for Motocross

train for motocross

It’s no mystery that you have to be in great shape in order to be competitive in motocross. Let’s face it, training off the bike is the hardest thing to do because it’s just plain old hard work. It takes a lot of discipline to keep doing the workouts week after week. So it only makes sense that you would want all the hard work to pay off. In this case, make you a better rider, not just a little better but a lot better. I’ve spent over 30 years with this goal in mind. Not only on myself but for many other pro riders

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Motocross Braking Control- Front or Rear Brake

motocross braking control

Free motocross riding tip video. Braking in motocross is one of the most important skills to master. Here’s a short video demonstrating how to get in and out of corners faster and with more control. For all the motocross braking skills you need to know go here.

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Motocross…how to get and stay fast!

motocross stay to get and stay Fast.  As most of you know I've made a living training motocross riders how to go fast.  I just made another discovery (July 17, 2013) reconfirming what I have always taught. In order to go fast you have to master all the basic techniques (The 55 Absolute Techniques of[...]
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MX tips on Body Positions and Movements

Body Movements

It’s better to keep your elbows up and out away from your sides because it gives you better leverage factors over the bike. Try this simple test to feel the difference. Sit on your bike and hold the handlebars with a low grip and low elbows. Then move your upper body back and forth as hard as you can, then do the same from side to side. Now grab the handlebars with a high over grip and high elbows. Perform the same two tests. Which way feels like you have more leverage over the bike? And keep in mind that factor multiplies when you stand up.

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MX Riding Tip, How To Stick Your Landings

mx riding tip

Consistently hitting your landings just right takes a lot of practice. You have to learn what gear, revs, speed and how hard to hit a jump in order to stick your landing. Two important techniques to practice are launching a jump or absorbing a jump. When launching you help the compression and rebound by spiking your body weight into the footpegs upon compression and then lift your weight out of the footpegs upon rebound. This technique gives you more height and distance.